Tesla Referral Code FAQ

What is the best Tesla referral code to use?

An exceptional Tesla referral code to utilize is “oleksii186996“. By using this referral link, you can make a purchase of a Tesla product and gain complimentary credits that can be redeemed for various rewards such as Supercharging miles, merchandise, and accessories. You can find a more detailed overview of the referral program here.

Where is the Tesla referral code applicable?

The Tesla referral code is valid for purchases in any country where you can acquire a new Tesla vehicle or solar energy system, extending beyond just the United States and Canada.

How can I locate my Tesla owner referral code?

Your personal referral code can be found within your Tesla account, positioned directly below the image of your car on your account page. To discover it, simply log into your account here.

Is it possible to both receive and send Tesla Motors and Tesla Solar referrals?

Absolutely! You have the ability to both receive and send referrals for both Tesla Motors and Tesla Solar. In fact, if you own a Tesla vehicle, you can refer someone to Tesla Solar, and vice versa. The referral program encompasses all Tesla products, regardless of which one you currently own.