Tesla employees discount: A Complete Breakdown

The surge in Tesla’s popularity has led many to covet this revolutionary electric vehicle. However, its price tag may prove a stumbling block for many. One may think that Tesla employees, thanks to their Tesla employees discount, might have an advantage in owning these trendy machines. Well, here’s the truth.

In short, no, Tesla employees don’t get discounts on new vehicles. However, it’s still possible to get up to a $1000 discount using the Tesla referral code.

Claim your Tesla discount now

To claim a discount on a Tesla as of July 2023, one can use the promo code “oleksii186996” via the provided link. This entitles customers to a $500-1000 cash rebate on new cars and discounts on solar panels or even solar roofs.

Even though Tesla employees don’t get price cuts on new Tesla vehicles, they enjoy several benefits from the company, including markdowns on merchandise, accessories, and potentially pre-owned cars. Tesla CEO, in a company-wide email dated Wednesday, October 5th, 2016, firmly discouraged promotional deals on new cars. As part of his commitment to equality, Musk maintains that everyone – his family, friends, and celebrities – pay full price for a new, factory-fresh Tesla.

Despite the absence of discounts on new models, working at Tesla does come with a few perks.

Employee Perks at Tesla

While Tesla does not provide discounts on new cars, even to its CEO, there are several benefits associated with being a part of the Tesla team.

The “Tesla employees discount” is applicable to a broad range of Tesla merchandise, accessories, and some older vehicle models. The specifics of what these employee discounts cover remain elusive as we rely on reports from past employees. However, Futurefuel.io suggests that Tesla’s employee discount could reach up to 35%. Most likely, these reductions are primarily for Tesla goods and accessories, rather than cars.

With new models often back-ordered for months and a constant high demand, employees are unlikely to receive discounts on new vehicles. However, employees can benefit from Tesla’s limited-time referral programs, offering lifetime free supercharging and a $1000 rebate.

Does Tesla Provide Discounts?

Currently, the only way to secure a Tesla at a reduced price is to wait for older models’ prices to depreciate, which can take a few years. Discounts may also be available on demo cars, showroom vehicles, and cars with minor defects.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is committed to the principle of equality and maintains a strict no-discounts policy. This ensures fairness when new models hit the market – nobody gets preferential treatment.

Do Tesla Employees Receive a Free Tesla?

Regrettably, no. Providing every employee with a free car would be financially impossible and contradict Musk’s principles of equality. Employees wishing to own a Tesla must purchase it like any other customer, but they do enjoy the privilege of working with these pioneering vehicles and driving them as company cars.

While employees can use company cars and even take them home, they must regularly return the cars to the company and cannot keep them once their contract ends. Although Tesla doesn’t offer freebies or discounts, they compensate their employees well, enabling them to save and buy a Tesla over time.

Other Benefits for Tesla Employees

Tesla, renowned as one of the world’s top employers, offers an inviting work environment, competitive pay, and a host of employee benefits. Here’s a snapshot of what a Tesla employee can enjoy while working for this innovative company:

  1. Full Self-Driving (FSD) And Autopilot Hardware 3 Test Programs: Tesla launched a program on December 29th, 2018, incentivizing employees to buy new cars to qualify for the Autopilot Hardware 3 Test Program. The company also waived the $5,000 premium interior cost for Model 3s, amounting to a total discount of $13,000.
  2. Discounts on Company Branded Wears: Tesla employees can score up to 35% off company merchandise, including childcare, travel, and entertainment.
  3. Paid Time Off (PTO) Car Discounts: Despite Elon Musk’s stand against discounted cars, employees can use their accrued PTO to save on their Tesla purchases.
  4. Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO): Tesla’s policy of unlimited paid vacation days is designed to cater to the well-being of its staff. Employees can take extended time off without fear of penalization.
  5. Comprehensive Medical coverage: Tesla provides generous healthcare coverage, including basic healthcare, inpatient hospital stays, dental and vision plans, travel emergency cover, and more.
  6. Discounted Company Stock: Tesla offers up to a 15% discount on its stocks biannually through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) during buying periods.
  7. Financial Benefit: Beyond impressive salaries, Tesla offers a 401K Program, Life Insurance, and other benefits up to a maximum of $1,000,000.
  8. Top-Notch Training: Tesla invests heavily in employee training at their Tesla Learning Center in Fremont, California.

Joining Tesla for the Employee Discount?

If your primary goal is to secure a discount on a Tesla or a free car, Tesla may not be the right employer. However, if you’re excited by the prospect of honing your skills and being a part of a global leader in technological innovation, Tesla is an excellent choice. The perks and benefits that come with being a Tesla employee offer ample reason to join the team.