Tesla Model Y Discount 2023 – How to apply

Tesla’s Model Y may have taken a backseat to its counterpart, the Model 3 sedan, in the past, but the 2023 iteration brings new interest to the Model Y. This electric SUV, despite its less nimble handling on winding roads and a shorter driving range compared to the Model 3, continues to stand tall among competitors such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Volkswagen ID.4.

Admittedly, its minimalistic interior featuring a solitary dashboard-mounted infotainment display might not appeal to everyone, yet it has its own charm.

Unlock Your Tesla Model Y Discount

Regular Tesla patrons might be wondering about the possibility of a Tesla Model Y discount. As of July 2023, Tesla’s referral program is the key to unlocking the coveted Tesla discount Model Y. A $500 price cut and a three-month Full Self Drive package are applied when a Model Y is ordered through a referral link.

What’s Fresh in the Tesla Model Y 2023?

For 2023, a base Model Y variant boasting a 279-mile range is on the horizon. Apart from this, there are no significant changes in the 2023 Model Y lineup. However, Tesla, known for its spontaneous updates, might have more surprises in store throughout the year.

Dimensions and Capacities

The fact that the Tesla Model Y SUV is marginally bigger than its sibling, the Model 3, might not drastically change your understanding of these vehicles, but it’s worth noting that they aren’t entirely dissimilar. The Model Y’s length, standing at 187.0 inches, surpasses the Model 3’s 184.8 inches by a mere couple of inches. The proximity continues with the wheelbase, where the Model Y’s 113.8 inches is ahead of the Model 3’s by just 0.6 inch. Additionally, the Model Y is 1.6 inches broader and provides an extra 1.3 inches in ground clearance.

The inside measurements somewhat lean towards the Model Y, though not consistently. The Model Y outperforms the Model 3 in both front and rear headroom, although the differences are minimal. Surprisingly, the Model 3 provides 0.9-inch additional front legroom compared to the Model Y, with 1.8 inches more rear hip room. Nonetheless, the Model Y secures the title for rear legroom, delivering 40.5 inches compared to the Model 3’s 35.2 inches.

The distinction becomes more pronounced when evaluating cargo capacity. The Model 3 accommodates 22.9 cubic feet of luggage space with five passengers, lagging behind the Model Y’s 34.3 cubic feet. But, with seven passengers in the Model Y, the capacity falls to a mere 17 cubic feet. It’s noteworthy that the Model 3 doesn’t have the option to seat seven adults.

Model Y Range

The lowest range in this comparison is provided by the Model 3 RWD, with an EPA-estimated 272 miles. Ascending to the Model 3 Long Range pushes this figure to an impressive 333 miles—the top in this category. However, opting for more power in the Performance model comes with a reduction in range, landing at a still respectable 315 miles.

Price and Tesla discount model y

Approach these price details with caution; better still, consider them under the prism of constant flux, and remember to utilize the Tesla Model Y discount through a Tesla referral link. Tesla’s pricing is notoriously fluid, akin to a teenager’s constantly changing preferences, so always verify the latest information from the official website or your local dealer.

The Model 3 presents a more affordable option compared to the Model Y at the entry level. The fundamental Model 3 RWD is priced at $41,630, which is several thousand less than the Model Y’s starting price of $49,130. The Long Range variants are $48,630 for the Model 3 and $51,880 for the Model Y. The pinnacle of the range consists of the Performance models; the Model 3 stands at $54,630, with the Model Y not far behind at $55,880.

The Allure of the Tesla Model Y: A Closer Look

The Tesla Model Y, a 5-7 seater SUV, encapsulates numerous enticing features:

  • A commendable range of up to 330 miles
  • Acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds
  • Top speeds hitting the 155 mph mark
  • Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
  • Autopilot compatibility for Full Self Driving (FSD)
  • A 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • A panoramic glass roof amplifies the spacious feel
  • Optional third-row seats
  • A maximum of 76 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity

Decoding the Tesla Referral Program

Tesla’s marketing strategy stands out from the rest. Eschewing the traditional methods of TV and online advertising, Tesla focuses on a lean approach with fewer dealerships. This strategy translates to considerable savings for the customers.

Tesla’s main marketing tool is the referral program, a word-of-mouth strategy that turns its vast customer base into brand ambassadors. The program allows existing Tesla owners to earn rewards for referring new customers through a unique referral link or code.

When prospective buyer uses this Tesla referral link, they are redirected to a special page on Tesla’s website. Making a purchase through this page triggers benefits such as a discount or credits for Loot Box purchases, and the referee earns rewards in return. Hence, using such a referral link is your ticket to a Tesla Model Y discount 2023.

In summary, Tesla’s Model Y 2023 brings promising features to the table. And with the referral program offering attractive Tesla Model Y discounts, getting behind the wheel of this electric SUV has never been more enticing.